What is celebrities life path?

Many of us are curious to know the celebrities life path, i.e. the life path of the celebrities whom we admire and follow. In numerology, the numbers are counted as 1 to 9 and 11 and 22, which are called as life paths. These life paths are determined after adding all the numbers present in the date of birth.

Each of the Life Paths has different meanings. Life path 1 is a born leader, they are creative and original. Tiger Woods, Brad Yates, Tom Hanks are life path 1 personalities. Life path 2 is a peacemaker. They enjoy music and poetry. Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton belong to this category. People with Life Path 3 have a great talent for creativity and self expression. Hillary Clinton and David Bowie are few Life Path 3 personalities. Life Path 4 is people who are practical and down to earth. Bryan Adams and Arnold Schwarzenegger are few personalities of Life Path 4.

Life Path 5 are people who like freedom. Angelina Jolie and Abraham Lincoln are few famous names who belong to this category. Life Path 6 is people who have great compassion and like to service others. Albert Einstein and Michael Jackson are few personalities who belong to this life path. Life Path 7 belongs to people who are searcher and are seeker of truth. Queen Elizabeth and Michael Douglas are some personalities of this life path. Life Path 8 is leaders. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Gere are some personalities. Life Path 9 is philanthropic and humanitarian. Mahatma Gandhi and Ricky Martin are some personalities of this life path. Life Path 11 has the potential to be source and inspiration for others. Tony Blair, Colin Powell is few famous personalities of this group. The last one is Life Path 22 who is most powerful and most successful of all path numbers. Bryan Adams and John Assaraf are few famous personalities.

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