Introduce to Astrology

astrologyAstrology was considered to be a felt experience in the ancient days. It was said to be biological (based on body). But later on, astrology became a science. It was then found out that there are five factors such as Elements, Signs, Planets, Houses and Aspects, that form the core ingredients of astrology. Astrology is a language of energy, which, is the result of combining these factors. Earth, air, water and fire are the four elements. The elemental balance is very important for the sustenance of life in the planet.

The mix of elements in the birth chart shows what the person is working with in this life. Each element behaves differently. Persons with fire signs are outgoing and active whereas persons with air signs are intellectual. Persons with water signs are emotional and introverted whereas persons with earth signs are practical and sensual. There are symbols to represent zodiacal signs and planets. These are called astrological symbols or glyphs. In astrology, the planets refer to different life experiences. Each planet represents a different dimension of life experience. There are about ten planets in the birth chart.

They are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The sun sign in short determines how a person shines in his life. It is the centre of the wheel and provides an overall sense of whom a person is and what he wants. Just like the sun which is a star and is at the centre of the solar system, the sun sign of a person describes a person’s unique character. Astrology also comes in handy for those in love. One can plan his strategy for his partner by knowing how certain signs behave at close ranges. In short, sun’s energy is the centre around which the personality is built.

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