Birthday numerology

Numerology is a very old science and it can be used to study the birthday numerology of an individual. Numerology is all about the secret and hidden powers of numbers. First step in numerology is assigning a personal number or life path number to every person. This number depends on the date of birth of the person. It is calculated by adding the digits of the date of birth. The personal numbers are numbers from 1 to nine and two master numbers 11 and 22.

Birthday numerology can be used to know predestinations, strengths, talents, obstacles in life and emotional reaction of a person. Thus birthday numerology helps a person to know himself better and also to understand the people around him better.


Birthday numerology can also be used to know the compatibility between two people who are in a relationship. It helps in knowing how successful a relationship will be. Birthday numerology also helps in assessing the success to failure ratios in case of new business ventures and undertakings. Since today’s generation is impartial and has broadminded views so they don’t have a prejudice against the science of numerology. This has led to the growth in belief of people in fields like birthday numerology. Many software are also available which can be used to study birthday numerology for an individual. These software are available online or can even be purchased. These save us from some very difficult calculations and make the study and analysis of birthday numerology easy and simple. To use these software no extensive knowledge about numerology is required.

Birthday numerology can prove to be a very handy tool if a person wants to know more about himself. Though birthday numerology is absolutely harmless but one shouldn’t base decisions in profession and relations solely on birthday numerology.

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