Fun with numbers

Amusing and enjoying our way of doing and calculating things in the real world are better ways of exclaiming the fun of numbers. Because numbers are the trickiest entity in the world that almost rule all of our day-to-day activities. The major part of arithmetic deals with addition and subtraction of numbers that could be the simpler task one could able to do. But many of the people find it more difficult in dealing with numbers. They have a fear of numbers and they themselves under estimate that maths could be tough. But the best case is that numbers are more and more simple and easier to be dealt.

There are many interpretations and shortcuts used for doing arithmetic in mathematics, but many find their own of doing things as simpler and easier. Many of the high school subjects are dealing with those shortcuts, but they often fail because many people often invent their own way of interpreting and solving the problems. Not only the simple addition, subtraction problems are dealt but there are many faces of numbers and mathematics with which we have to deal. Fun is really enjoying the things in doing the way they are. Solving the problems and games related to games are time passes for many people in this world, but the sad thing is that out of 100 only 35 percent of the people are really interested to do a great deal with the numbers. The actual fact that is remaining dormant behind numbers is the way how they are interpreted, if they are interpreted and used in the correct way then we will be ending in a fruitful result, but once we get into the wrong side we can recover from the great loss. So, let us try to use the correct way of interpreting the numbers and have a great deal with them.

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