Numerology personality number

numerology-numberThe sum of the consonants in your complete name gives your personality number. A personality number represents that part of a being that a person projects in front of others before sharing deeper things of one’s personality and life. It can be true and cannot be. It sometimes reflects your true nature and sometimes denotes the mask you wear for the public. Sometimes your loved ones also find it difficult to judge your true self and it is here when personality numbers helps you out.

Personality number and heart’s desire number are linked in few respects. While judging a person if the vibration of his personality number comes out to be less than his soul number, it denotes that the person will improve as you know him more and more. If the vibration of personality number is more than that of the soul number then you must judge the potential of the person according to the soul number. In this way you can come to know what kind of a person you are with.

In order to calculate the personality number of any individual all the consonants of the name are taken and assigned their positional numeric values. These values are added and the sum is reduced to the single digit number by adding the digits of the previous sum. After you get your personality number, you can look for its meaning from the numerology chart that can be downloaded from the internet for free. Being the master of a good personality is an asset in itself. Therefore by knowing your personality number you can very well know what kind of impression you will set up on others and how will you manage to live up to the same. It is truly said- first impression is the last impressions.

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