Numerology Related to Sexual Life, What Each Core Number is Like at Night?

In terms of sexual life, core numerology numbers represent related features and peculiarities as well as for any other branch of life.

What we discuss below are sample behavior expressed in extreme unbalanced forms of every core number. This is not reflecting the way a real person will behave, these descriptions are for mere purpose of demonstration. If the sexual topics are too explicit for you, think twice before reading on.

Just to add, more detailed descriptions of energies tied to core LIFE PATH numbers from 1 to 9 are provided in the VeBest Numerology software.

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Partner having core number 1 is more to a log in a bed. He or she doesn't like to lead the intimate prelude and act as if they have completely given in themselves to the hands of partner. Often having problems with self-esteem, 1 partners usually are perceived as pathetic and boring.

2's will make everything for his or her partner to be felt connected very deeply. They will talk about spiritual resonance between he or she and his or her lover. 2's don't mind taking the lead in sexual prelude, and make it natural and enjoyable for both. However, sometimes 2's are not sincere with their partners, just using them for momentary sexual relief.

Generally, 3's would try to evade sexual affairs for the reason of their highly religious upbringing. They believe that sex is a spiritually sanctioned action, and so after getting up after a whole night of irrepressible sex, they feel ashamed and guilty of what they've done. But aside from that, 3's are temperamental lovers. They know that the key of successful sexual relationship lies in mutual respect between partners and their acceptance of each other.

4's are given a great amount of physical force, and for this reason their sexual partners find them quite rough and rigid in bed. Indeed, 4's fail to control themselves in cases of temptation. They are likely to act as if the bed was a wrestler's arena. But still, from time to time they find partners that are ok with such style of sex.

The sexual energy belonging to 5's makes them have a huge number of sexual partners and lovers over life time. Their charismatic personality attracts opposite sex very effectively. However, serious decisions concerning marriage and family are painstaking for 5's.

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6's tend to be a one-lovers for their lifetime. Their sexual partners are likely to become their spouses for a long time, since 6's highly appreciate family ideals. When getting acquainted with a new lover, 6 will look forward to meeting his or her family, or even better, organizing a picnic for both his family and the lover's. Whenever you ask 6 about how serious his or her intentions are, the answer will be: "Me and my lover will be together for the rest of our lives."

7's underlie a heavy spiritual basis for their sexual relationships. They believe in a contact on all levels, including spiritual domain, which occurs upon sexual intercourse. 7's analyze what energies could he or she exchange while being in a bed with a lover. Some energies they may perceive as unwanted or toxic. Then 7's need to meditate for the sake of spiritual cleansing. In the rest part, 7's are caring and passionate lovers.

8's are pragmatically oriented in their sexual life. For instance, they will try to find the benefits other just then mere body pleasure in having sex. They can require some special treatment for it, like privileges, career advancement etc. But their lovers willingly give them what 8's want since they are very returning and warming partners.

Open-minded 9's are utterly liberated in sexual domain. They don't mind having sex with more than one partner at once. Sincere character of 9 makes him or her very affectionate and caring partner. But what 9's can't stand is when lover takes over their private space.

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