Birthday and Balance Numbers in Numerology

people, connect, numbersPeople are mysteriously connected with numbers since the beginning of time. A person who could manage numbers and understand their deeper meaning knew the principles of wealthy and harmonious life itself. Famous Ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed that everything can be viewed as a number. He thought numbers to have their own life, fate, features, and even preferences. During that period people tried to find the connection between a number and characteristics of a certain person. He discovered multiple numerology features - lifepath, expression, balance number, karmic debts and lessons.

Numbers surround us in every moment, decision and event of our life up to our death. We are controlled by numbers whether we want it or not. Any word, any idea and any notion can be reduced to the number.

Numerology Birthday number is the one that is constant and can't be changed by a person. It symbolizes the vibrations that follow a person from the very beginning. However, what the influence of this number is and how it reveals the characteristics and peculiarities of a person born under this number.

Theoretically, two people having the same birthday number should have something in common in many spheres of life. Indeed such a phenomenon is rather a coincidence than a rule. Birthday number shows the habits, traits, characteristics of this person as well as the ability to manage time and events in life. This number is rather a managing factor, than a prevailing one. It is import to read about the rest numbers of your numerology chart like numerology balance number and the other additional features.

And still, the number of birth is really important, because it shows the path and warns people from doing things that are opposite to their desires and nature. The number hidden in our birth day helps us see the areas of our power that can lead us to success.

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