A Smart Girl's Guide to Buying Beauty Products

woman, discountIsn't it great when you can get the makeup you want to buy without the breaking the bank? Even if you can afford to splurge a $100 for a good foundation, I bet you would still appreciate discounts and good deals. If you are wondering how to save cash and still buy what you want, here are some tips for a smart girl like you.

Sign up for beauty clubs. Being a member of a beauty club provides privileges on getting special discounts, freebies and knowing the sales and events! There are beauty clubs at Sephora, CVS and other stores that sell beauty brands as their main product.

Keep coupons. Coupons are normally attached on newspapers and magazines which offer discounts on specific products. Keep them and use it when buying you cosmetics. You will usually see where you can use the coupons to purchase the item on a discounted price. Some considers coupons as an inconvenience but it is actually an effective way to save cash.

Subscribe through emails. Most beauty brands have their own website. You might want to visit them and subscribe on their newsletter to receive updates. If you are lucky, you may be given a voucher that you can use for your purchase or a free sample item.

Ask for samples. This is one of the most useful ways to save money. Approach the beauty consultant and ask for samples if they have some so that you can test it first before purchasing. You wouldn't want to buy something only to find out that your skin doesn't like it.

Go to Discount Stores. Some discount stores such as Nordstrom Rack, Marshall's, Cosmetics Company Outlets and Ross sell makeup products from the past season. The products may not be the latest but it is still makeup and you might find some of your favourite items that are no longer available in beauty stores.

Shop Online. Online shopping has been growing these days and many enjoy doing it. The great thing about buying online is that they love giving freebies, samples and special discounts. Some even offers price-offs on your next purchase.