Bluray organizer software

A bluray organizer helps in managing and organizing all the movies and video files over your disk and creates as catalogue so that you can easily look for your favorite at any instant. Bluray organizer software works with all the types of media that includes Blu Ray discs, DVDs, VHS tapes and other removable discs drives. It helps in keeping a record of all the video files either pre-recorded or taped. With the help of bluray organizer software you can catalog all your movies within no time by downloading necessary information from the net.

Bluray organizer software has got a combination of data fields that enables you to list huge range of information like release year, media format, title, purchase date, publisher, price, region, production year, rating, writer, characters, tape counter, synopsis and many more. With the help of this information you can also download the movies using bluray organizer software. You can also add your personal comments for individual segments and videos. One of the useful features of the bluray organizer software is that it calculates the remaining space that is free on the tapes for downloading and storing more movies and thus elaborates your collection. The better way to analyze and manage your movie collection is by bluray organizer software, so download now and get started.