Ten most intelligent breeds of dogs

smart-dogDog intelligence is something that makes it different from other breeds. Is your dog among the smartest breeds of dogs in the world? Find it out yourself from the list of ten most intelligent breeds of dogs mentioned in the article. It is not necessary that if a dog belongs to intelligent breed, it is also easy to train.

First on the list is Border collie that has got the legendary intelligence which can sometimes be a challenge to handle especially for the trainers but can catch the commands easily and quickly.

Poodle bags the second place and is categorized in one of the breeds that can be easily trained and are highly intelligent. This breed of dog likes to be surrounded by people and can be trained as guard dogs. Number three is German shepherd that is courageous, intelligent and possesses strong protective instincts. It is obedient and loves children. Mostly this dog is used as police dogs. Next comes the Golden Retrieve which is the most famous breed of dog and have everything that a person looks for while buying a pet.

Doberman is known for its extreme loyalty and fearlessness and has got high stamina. Shetland sheepdog is generally bred to herd cattle and sheep and has got great intelligence levels. Labrador retriever is loving, patient and affectionate dog that requires a lot of physical work and possesses good nature.

Papillion is a tough dog breed and is a little bit moody and sometimes aggressive. This dog loves its master and is easy to train. Ninth on the list is Rottweiler which has got an average intensity and does make a good family dog. It is also an intelligent breed of dogs. Last but not the least, is Australian cattle dog which is very active and needs regular exercise to be fit.

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