How to recognize the faux sapphire rings in the worldwide production.

sapphireThe modern industrial technologies let people grow up the sapphires by the synthetic method. And it is very successful business. Sometimes it is quite difficult to recognize the faux sapphire rings and the natural ones. In this case the ultraviolet light can help you to solve this problem: using this ultraviolet light with the synthetic sapphire will show the pale green shine. The natural sapphires don't have the reaction like this.

The classical dark-blue color of this jewelry stone conditions on the admixture of titanium and iron. The natural and the synthetic sapphires have the specific feature - bright shine, that's why these precious stones found yourselves an application for jewelry.

The synthetic and the natural sapphires don't differ from each other except of the price.

You can recognize the natural sapphires by their colored zones that form the angle of 120 degree. There are a lot of faux sapphires in the market today.

Irrespective of the fact what with precious stones you buy the faux sapphire rings, it is important to scrutinize the label that attached with the jewelry. It will be great if you read something about product and production before coming to the jewelry shop. And you have to ask the special shop's advisor about quality of the jewelry and its basic characteristics. Read all the documents that applied to the jewelry, because you have to remember that you can't return or change the jewelry after the sale. Of course the price will be high. If it is lower than general but the advisor tell you about the natural sapphire jewelry it will be the cause to prick up your ears. And of course, don't buy the jewelry privately. It concerns colleagues, accidental acquaintances or other strange people. This precaution will save you from the swindle and purchase of the cheap fake.