Jennifer Garner's Labrador

jennifergarnerJennifer Garner is an American actress also known by the name Jennifer Anne Affleck. More commonly she is known by her birth name only which is Jennifer Garner. Garner gained recognition on television for her performance in the thriller drama series Alias, which aired on ABC for five seasons from 2001 to 2006. In the thriller drama Jennifer garner worked as CIA agent Sydney Bristow. While working on Alias, she gained minor roles in hit movies such as Pearl Harbor (2001) and Catch Me if You Can (2002)

She has a yellow Labrador retriever which has an unusual name for a dog "Martha Stewart". The dog got this name after the famous television personality, who runs her own talk-show. Jennifer Garner is a huge fan of those TV show which is now not a secret. Jennifer Garner’s Labrador is loved by the owner. The actress is very happy to pose for journalists together with her beloved dog. Jennifer Garner’s Labrador is claimed by the actress to be actually a lapdog and she also claims that the Labrador love to live in a family. Jennifer Garner’s Labrador is regarded by the actress as her best friend and garner loves to take her Labrador Martha Stewart everywhere along with her. Even when Jennifer gave an interview on MTV, she led Martha to a studio.

Just to have fun and to show everyone how much they love their Martha Jennifer with her daughter Violet Affleck were dressed in the costumes of a dog Once on Halloween. Another time Jennifer even brought her dog to the show. Some also say that she can read on the muzzle of her beloved pet any of her moods, and she is always trying to make her darling dog as happy as it is possible.