Anne Hathaway Apologizes Profusely for Her Ugly Oscars Dress

There are few like love her or hate her celebrities as Miss Anne Hathaway, celebrated theatre kid and winner of best supporting actress in Oscars in a motion picture featured at the 85th Annual Academy Awards. She is also in winners of wearing ugliest Oscar victory dresses of all times (yes, Gwyneth Paltrow with her ugly black something dress which made her look like she had used pancakes for breasts after she won her statue award).Now she has apologized for wearing that horrible dress... but not for the reason what you think about that.

Hathaway spoke on the red carpet that her dress was changed at the last minute to the pale pink Prada bib with the telescopic nipples in place of the Valentino dress that the designer's PR team announced in a press release. She was apologizing lus dissing valentino. In a statement she said, "It came to my attention late Saturday night that the dress I was about to wear in Oscars was similar to the Valentino had intended to wear, and so I decided that it's better to change the plan".

So, who was about to wear that dress? In my mind comes JB. Aww... Turns out the high-necked, lace-encrusted dress she was going to wear looked way too much like the one Seyfried worked with McQueen designer Sarah Burton to create. Now this makes proper sense. But, I got to say, I'd rather be a great copycat than have my Oscar moment in dress that looks like a free gift from a trash house.

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