Marina Del Rey provides the Ultimate California winter vacations

Everyone knows the vacation Beach California offer a lot of Sun, surf and celebrities. Also provide every opportunity for restaurants, entertainment and a break from the winter stable. Shoveling snow instead of from your driveway, you can dance night, dine fine seafood dishes and strolling along the beach of Venice in few days. Marina del Rey offers all this and much more.

Only minutes from LAX, Marina del Rey is a beautiful setting for your winter holidays in California. You can Explore the coast by boat, take in a game, visit a Museum, to tantalize your palate or to enjoy a luxurious spa treatment. You’re sure to return home from a warm holiday beach all California feeling rested and relaxed.

All inside!

Without California beach vacation would be complete without a ride on a boat. You can rent a boat sailing, motor boating, kayak, jet ski, or even an electric boat and explore the waters of the Pacific with your heart content. Your winter holidays from California may include a day trip to Catalina Island, a cocktail or dinner cruise, a gondola ride or a walk in Porto. The ride gondola includes appetizers, drinks, pillows, lights, music and of course a gondolier! Much more accessible by Italy, Rentals California romantic winter I left pleasantly with all Marina del Rey has to offer.

If you like fishing, you should try your hand at catching halibut, sea bass, Limandi and many other kinds of sport fish on the beach holiday California. Chartered vessels and unchartered is available for your pleasure boating and fishing, along with all the comforts.

One night in the city

Marina del Rey offers a wide range of restaurants and entertainment. 5-star restaurants, elegant sit side by side with ethnic Bistros, delicious dessert and coffee houses and everything in between. You can walk to the beach, collect shells and to enjoy the spectacular sunsets and then head indoors for a delicious lunch before heading out for a night on the town.

Dinner and dance are just two of the many sites available. Known worldwide for amusement parks, live music, live theatre presentations star-studded and more attractions that could visit to life, Marina del Rey has something for everyone. Museum in the brain to kooky Bohemian cafes, there is no end to the possibilities for entertainment.

Marina Del Rey in December

Your winter holidays can include live music in the village of fishermen, which provides live Jazz, Latin, R&B, pop and blues concerts every Saturday and Sunday. Holiday Boat Parade annual Marina del Rey is not to be missed. The Marina is full of boats of all sizes, decorated with colored lights and Decorations that will take your breath. It is also pleasant Venice holiday Boat Parade channels increased by collecting decorated kayaks, canoes and other small boats crossed often costumed people.

The spirit of the environment, California beach vacations can include a tour of the flora and fauna, found in freshwater and seawater and dunes locations. If you want to protect the area may volunteer December dunes Ballona restoration Party helps like-minded people to plant native species and remove invasive species.

These winter vacation is unlike any other. There are simply too many things to see and do that probably will want to extend your holiday on the beach in California a few extra days, or you can start planning your winter vacation next year in California.

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