Dispatch Music

"With a tune on my lips and my quest in reach" -Dispatch

With Dispatch being such talented musicians, it's almost impossible for us musically inclined fans to not be inspired by them in some shape or form. Dispatch has been compared to many other bands, but I doubt that there's any band out there that is quite as diverse as these guys. Their self-acclaimed trivocal-funckoustic-instrument-swap-groove genre places them well, and gives us fans a reply to those who ask what kind of music the band actually plays. This section of the 'SpatchPatch is meant for all you fellow musicians out there, as well as anyone seeking musical information on the band. The focus of this page is the music.

For those unfamiliar with the band's music, a discography is provided with information and track listings of all four of Dispatch's current studio releases, plus their new live compilation, Gut The Van.

Want to see what others have to say about the group's music? Head on over to the music reviews section. There you will be able to read several different reviews, both proffesional and amateur.

Maybe you're trying to figure out the lyrics to one of your favorite songs. If that's the case, you are going to want to check out the lyrics page. For all of you musicians out there, check out the tabs section for the most complete resource of Dispatch tablature on the web. Expect to see some harmonica, bass, and drums tabs in there as well.

There's a whole lot more to this website that will be added through time. Some plans include a forum for just musicians, a musician's database, musician chat, a place for musicans to post their own music, amonger many other ideas.

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