Beanie Sigel gets Prison Term for Keeping Drugs

Having got a two year term for evading taxes already, Beanie Sigel got a shock last Wednesday when he learnt that he has been sentenced to two years in prison for possession of drugs.

A new item in Daily News said that the actor accepted the guilty charge for possessing an illegal drug called Percocet that made him receive a sentence in the county prison for 6-23 months. Prison has been the home for the 39 year old actor for the last 6 months ever since he was found with Percocet by a traffic police official at a stop. It was on August 29, a fortnight before the beginning of his 2 year prison term for tax evasion, that Sigel was caught with the drug while sitting in his Ford Fusion that was dangerously close to another automobile.

The driver of the car was found carrying some prescribed bottles but also a little bit of pot. Sigel was sleeping in the rear and the police found $4600, cough syrup codeine, and some prescription medications that were kept inside a cigarette pack. Beanie said that the cash was casino winnings.

The police also found a .38 caliber firearm inside the car. As convicted fellows, both men were prohibited from carrying a firearm. The police slapped them with charges of possession of drugs, possession for delivery intent, conspiracy, and possession of firearms without license. The rapper has earlier been sentenced to prison for violating federal firearm Act.

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