Tips to Make Your Beauty Products Last Longer

beauty productsOur beauty products have their own expiration date but storing them improperly can lessen their life span. If you don't want to end up buying new products every now and then, then should learn how to make them last until their expiration dates. Follow these easy tips to make your beauty products last longer and even maximize their use by mixing them with other products to make a new one!

Keep them closed. One of the most important things to do to make your beauty product last longer is to keep them closed and ensure that no air or dust can get in. This will also guarantee that it will not be contaminated with bacteria.

Store in room temperature. Keep your products away from direct heat and moisture to prolong their life. You may keep your hair products inside the shower room but make sure the bottles are tightly closed so that water and air can't get in and alter the ingredients. Your makeup should not be placed near any source of heat as it can break its preservatives and make it vulnerable to bacteria.

Mix and match. Most of us may be guilty with this- throwing leftover beauty products. You don't need to do that anymore because you can use them to create a new one. One example is mixing your leftover bronzer to your moisturizer as a highlighter or a body shimmer. Your lipsticks may become a cream blush. Unleash your creativity and continue mixing.

Use cotton pads. Cotton pads are cheaper and soak less product compared to cotton balls so if you want to use your product more than you do now, buy the pads. Cotton pads have more space as well so you can use it to remove your makeup and the other space to clear your nail polish.

Add alcohol. Have you experienced accidentally dropping your powder and saw it broken into pieces? Pouring a few drops of alcohol on broken powder, eye shadow or blush will retune the product to its original shape. This can save you a lot of cash since you don't need to buy a replacement for a broken product.