Video game console case offers gaming on the go

There is a new mobile gaming kit that allows you to play console gaming easily. This mobile gaming kit has a built in HD display screen, which allows you to connect it with your PlayStation or Xbox 360.

This product is known as Gaming and Entertainment Mobile System or GAEMS G155. It is a heavy duty briefcase that has a display attached to the inner lid. There are two fabric fasteners straps that hold your gaming console in place.

G155-Gaming-CaseThe GAEMS G155 has a short HDMI cable that connects your gaming console to the port. There are two pouches for the power cords and controller.

The market price of this unit is $299. If you connect your gaming console to the unit, you will be able to play various video games such as Call of Duty and many more.

What is the system requirement? Well, it supports Sony PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, as well as the latest Microsoft Corporation models. Nintendo Wii is not compatible for it does not have an HDMI jacket.

The quality of the unit is excellent. It has a padded base that supports your console once you put it in place. You do not need to worry for the unit will not slip once in the case.

The unit has 15.5 inch high definition display. The colors are sharp and crisp so you will be able to enjoy watching videos through your GAEMS G155.

You can easily adjust the brightness and volume of the unit for it has a menu button at the bottom. The menu buttons glow red so you can easily access it whenever needed. The unit is really good, but I think it could have been better if the unit comes with optional wireless remote. The unit has twin audio jacks at the bottom, which can be very helpful if you are gaming against someone next to you.