Types of social media

For improving citizen services and cost savings, the government agencies rely on social media regularly to engross with their customers. Social media is the integration of technologies, social interaction, content creation, etc. to collaboratively distribute online information.

People from various parts of the world can create, organize, comment on, combine and share their content through the social media. The government agencies achieve their mission goals through these activities. The most commonly used types of social media are blogs, social networks, micro-blogs, wikis, video, podcasts, discussion forums, RSS feeds, photo sharing, employee ideation programs, etc. Marketers define the success of social media not by social media activity but by customer value and engagement.

The marketers often find difficult to understand the true motivations behind the social media activities. Proper segmentation allows them to identify, understand the customers through social network channels. Blog is a popular social media among the users. A blog is an easy way to update their website or webpage. Authors can blog their regular entries in a diary like format. There are so many blogs are available now-a-days.

The most effective and interesting ones allow the users to involve in conversations with the other users and other readers or authors. The next popular social media is social networking sites. They are acting as platforms for connecting people and allow them to involve in conversations and other many activities. The most interesting sites among the social networking sites are Facebook and MySpace. These sites have groups which allow conversation and sharing. The users of these sites can share comments, links, photos, videos and more.

Social networking sites allow the users to connect with other users who have similar interests and establish contacts. Now social networking sites incorporate features such as photo sharing, location based services, etc. These sites can also help the government to promote information and services. Social networks magnify the government capabilities and improve their ability to converse with the public.

Micro-blogging is extremely short blog posts. They are kind of text messages. Members of micro-blogging can view these messages online or have them sent as text message to their mobile devices. The effective use of micro-blogging is to involve a community in a public forum. Wikis are the type of collaborative work space. It is a collection of web pages that allows the users to view that content or modify them. Wikis are public facing, that anyone can view the contents. Wikipedia is one of the most popular public wikis.