Popular Celebrities With Long Hair

long-hairstylesThe hottest and the greatest thing that a woman can show off for free is her long hair and this has been happening since time memorial. Celebrities these days also know about beauty tips benefit and love to show off their lovely long hair styles.

One of the best hairs in Hollywood belongs to Blake Lively and she looks really gorgeous and attractive in any hairdo or style that she chooses.

Beyonce’s hair was a real attraction during the 2007 Grammy Awards as it was waist-length with full-grown copper curls that really did enhance her beauty. Gwyneth Barlow also has long hair and she does not spend lots of time doing her hair. She just lets her long hair flow with little tousling. The “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker had real long hair in 2000 which extended up to her elbow. The way in which slicked her long hair made a lot of people to notice her hair.

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen always had real golden long hair which made her look so beautiful that she always made it to the dream of many people. Shannen Doherty was another popular star of those times who used to always wear a beautiful hairdo that really attracted a lot of people towards her. Julia Roberts looked really stunning in her hay days as she won the hearts of her fans with her small curls and natural styled hair.

If there was one who always adorned mermaid style long blonde hair, then it has to be Jerry Hall. Cher is another popular celebrity with great hairdo. She used to have endless hippie hair in the eighties and she shared something in common with Stevie Nicks and that was doing her hair as a wave that had bangs and lots of layers.