Saucy devil: Shinji Kagawa and his girlfriend

The addition of Shinji Kagawa into the Manchester United football team has managed to raise quite a number of eyebrows among the ardent football fans. The footballer has already managed to add a dash of glamour to the team and has helped in augmenting the T-shirt sales for the team.

Some of the fans do not like the fact that Ameri Ichinose is Shinji’s girlfriend. Ameri is a leading adult entertainment sensation who has been successful in her career. Some of the football fans are trying to equate the presence of Ameri to Coleen Rooney.

Shinji-Kagawa-girlfriendAmeri Ichinose has been successful in the adult entertainment industry because she strictly follows the ‘nastier the better’ paradigm. It is important to understand that she is just 24 and was born in Kanagawa. The Daily Star managed to get an interview of her explicitly mentioning the fact that she ‘loves it nasty’.

She began to appear in porn movies by 2006 after working under well-established industry names such as Erika Kurisu and Ayaka Misora. Prior to her appearance in the porn movies, she used to serve as a glamour model.

The current manager of the Manchester United team, Alex Ferguson hopes that Shinji will focus more on winning the games rather than concentrating on his girlfriend. It appears that the team has signed up Shinji for a four-year deal after seeing his performance in the recent matches held in Germany.

Shinji is a 23-year-old midfielder who has managed to score 21 goals while appearing on behalf of the German club Borussia Dortmund. It is interesting to note that the same club had inked a deal with the footballer after paying him just £ 300,000. Cerezo Osaka is one such Asian footballer recruited by the same club. Shinji hopes to improve the quality of his game while being with Manchester United.