Potawatomi Zoo to Host Winter Days

PotawatomiZooFestivities will include crafts, animal encounters and hot cocoa in the zoo's classroom. The heated Indoor Learning Center will be open where zoo visitors can see over 100 animals including monkeys, lemurs, rattlesnakes, vipers, copperheads, pythons, poison dart frogs, bats and tortoise.

Guided tours of the zoo's Eurasia section will be conducted every half hour. Zoo guests will have the opportunity to see many winter wildlife species which are native to the northern climates of China and Russia.

Winter wildlife species will include:

Red Pandas - This relative of the Giant Panda is found in the Bamboo Forests of China. The Chinese refer to this animal as the "Bamboo-eating fire-fox."

Sichuan Takin - This goat antelope with a golden fleece is found in the remote mountains of China. Potawatomi Zoo is one of only 11 zoos in the Western Hemisphere to display this rare species.

Cool Cats - The Potawatomi Zoo displays three species of critically endangered Eurasian cats - Amur Tiger and Amur Leopard, both from Siberia, and the Snow Leopard, from the Himalayas.

Bactrian Camel - This camel hails from the cold deserts of Mongolia and grows a thick coat to keep warm during the winter months.