Apple's streaming music service could debut in 2013

Apple-streaming-musicIt was also foreseen that Apple would soon take on Spotify and Pandora. Apple will be launching streaming music service in 2013. Yesterday, Apple iTunes 11 was released and another service is yet to come in 2013.

On the other hand, iTunes 11 added some useful features including “radio option.” This feature is somewhat unappealing to current consumers, but the company will definitely update this feature to make it more appealing to Apple users.

BTIG started to promote "iRadio" a few months ago. As a matter of fact, a research was conducted and it showed hope for "iRadio" music streaming service.

About three years ago, Apple acquired a streaming music site which is Lala. However, the company has stopped its operation and a lot of people wonder if Apple would be able to make it in the streaming business. Speculations began again last year where Apple filed for streaming music. The company remained quiet on this topic and so the rumor just died down.
Despite the rumors, Apple remained to work on a streaming service. As early as September, rumors spread that the company will release its streaming service together with the launching of iPhone 5. However, Apple company was not able to negotiate with Sony/ATV and so the company has no choice but to delay its debut.

Will Apple finally launch its music service? Well, it is still unknown up to this time but research did show that it will be available next year.